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Who can say that hair is not as important as skin. Your whole body needs attention; similarly, your hair also needs your attention. With a lot of research and guidance, you need to find the products that directly come into contact with your hair in combing and styling, like a hair dryer brush.

But before searching for the right one, you have to know about your hair type. Do you know your hair type? Let’s find out.

Type Of Hair

Type A Straight

  • The first type of straight hair is 1a, a very straight with a fine or thin texture
  • The second hair is 1b, a straight with slight bends
  • The third hair is straight with a rough texture.

Type B Wavy

  • The type 2a hair is wavy and fine.
  • The hair of 2b is wavy with a little more pronounced S-shape.
  • The 2c hair is S-shaped waves that are well defined.

Type C Curly

  • The hair falling in 3a is curls that are a little loose.
  • The hair of type 3b has curls that are tight and springy.
  • The 3c type of hair is in S or Z form that returns to its original shape when stretched.

Type D Coily

  • Loose coils characterize the 4a hair type.
  • The hair falls in 4b and has coils with a zigzag shape.
  • The 4c type hair has coils that are too tight.

Why A Hair Dryer Brush?

Hot air dryer brushes are a great way to style and dry your hair at the same time since they combine the strength of a round brush and a hairdryer in a single item. The end effect is a voluminous, frizz-free shine achieved in one step. The bristles help to detangle your hair, and the heat settings provide you with a variety of style options to suit your needs.

It’s good to buy different products but better to buy the best hair dryer brush. How to find such a brush? It’s easy because here in this category, you will find a lot of hot air brush dryers. Our team personally used them and came on this website to explain their details and usage. Moreover, we also help you with expert views and try to provide as much ease as possible to make you able to decide and buy the best hot air brush from our verified retailer.

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