How To Clean Revlon Hair Dryer Brush

How To Clean Revlon Hair Dryer Brush – Complete Guide

Does your brush doesn’t work correctly? Are you fed up with your Revlon hair dryer brush; how to clean it properly? These are some problematic queries, and even knowing the correct answer using the Internet makes you more confused.

Cutting with scissors, using a detergent, using a toothbrush with an Alcohol solution, using a clean cloth, and using your fingers are some ways to clean it.

However, only knowing the accessories doesn’t help you; it’s the procedure that spells magic, so to know it, keep reading; how to clean Revlon hair dryer brush?

How To Clean Revlon Hair Dryer Brush

Before going into the process, let me make you understand that Revlon has different types of products, and so does their cleaning process. I’ll try to discuss the major categories here, so continue reading about how to clean Revlon blow dryer brush.  

5 Easy Steps on How To Clean Revlon Hair Dryer Brush

Necessary accessories

Read and follow this short guide to learn how to clean a Revlon hair dryer brush. While cleaning Revlon blowout brush, what to do before use? The first step is to collect all the necessary accessories.

As per the first tool, scissors can cut away entangled tress in the brush. You can clean the filter entirely with the use of a detergent. But as per fragrance touch, you can use the shampoo also. But some stains and grease are so aggressive that shampoo doesn’t meet our needs, so at that time, a detergent comes to save us.

But if you really want to enjoy the fresh fragrance, I have a trick, first, use a detergent and then wash your filter with a shampoo also (though it costs you a little bit.) Then comes the toothbrush, the most important one. You can use this to clean your Revlon brush blow dryer. Using the last and small tool, a piece of clean clothing, to clean up the filter is vital to this cause.

Cut the entangled hairs

In this process, firstly, you have to go through the removal of entangled tresses. It is disruptive for the Revlon dryer brush’s function to work correctly. Cleaning Revlon brush dryer can ease it; thus, you must remove all the locks from the dryer.

Primarily we use our hands, but for the inconvenience of entangled locks, you can use a scissor immediately as per shortage of time. It is used in both horizontal and vertical directions; it’s up to you. But for the left remnants, you can use scissors edge; however, this process needs some care and attention. If you ignore these precautions, you will be right next to cut your brush’s bristles, a big blunder.

Use Detergent For Brushing

Don’t try to use detergent alone; always mix it with water for safety reasons, then spray on the filter brush. Don’t pour it; instead, spray, as it causes damage to the motor or bristles. You have to use it carefully because this is an electric appliance.

Now this time, you can do with little hardness with the toothbrush. The shape and size of the brushes determine the cleaning process. But instead of any regular, I recommended a toothbrush because of its size and bristles’ position near the head. It won’t affect the Revlon blow dryer brush quality. The hardness and deep cleaning using a toothbrush make it feel smooth and new.

So to get rid of leftovers, it will become easier to erase them with the hands or using scissors as you have already made a spray of detergent on the bristles; it will soften the debris and any other hard material in it.

At the end of this process, clean the remaining residue with the help of clothing or a towel. Don’t ever try to put the dryer under water as it damages the machine; instead, using a cloth completely protects the major accessory, the motor, the central part of the machine.

Use of Towel

Wetness is dangerous for electric appliances, as water can make its way to the motor, as I previously described. For this purpose, I have already recommended using a dry or wet cloth piece or towel to remove the remains easily.

After bristles, now it is time to clean the barrel; for that, always use a lint-free towel so that it doesn’t let any scratches appear on the surface and remove all the tiny dust particles. After completing this process, let your machine properly dry by placing a side to ensure no drop of water can access its electrical parts.

After such a thorough cleaning, you will notice that your Revlon hair brush blow dryer looks entirely new.

Time for the dryer to clean

After that, you will come to the results and definitive solution for cleaning the Revlon hair brush and dryer. If you want it to keep functioning like this, you should often repeat this process. When it comes to other products, cleaning them two times a month for better use or proper function is enough. But dryers are used daily; thus, these machines are a bit attention-seeking, so you have to figure out a time to clean them at least three to four times every month, depending on your use, type & size of tresses and area.

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What Happens If you don’t clean the Revlon hair dryer brush

Cleaning the hair dryer brush is necessary, but what happens if you don’t clean the brush? So before knowing how to clean my Revlon dryer brush, first learn why it is necessary.

  • If your machine is clogged with dirt, product residue, and dust, it becomes impossible to complete the work. These unwanted particles put stress on the motor, and the brush is more susceptible to overheating. Your health and safety are at risk if you use an overheated machine because it causes fire hazards, so clean it regularly for your safety. Moreover, it causes overheating and burning more quickly.
  • It must be clean because if you use dirty brushes with unwanted dust particles, It unclean your tress by transferring those particles into your clean strands.
  • Dirt and dusty particles cause fungi and bacteria, and these organisms are harmful to your hair and head scalp as it leads to inflammation, irritation, and other scalp problems. The machines become smelly due to these organisms.
  • A clean machine can help your hair become smooth and straight and increase volume more efficiently. Your locks look greasy and dull if you use an unclean device. So you must clean your bad boy regularly to have good results and fine hair blowouts.

How to clean Revlon hair dryer paddle brush

Revlon paddle brush looks like an ordinary brush but maintaining it is tricky. You are mistaken if you put it in soapy water or pull tangled hair from the brush harshly because it causes damage. Here, I mention the proper steps to clean it with care.

  1. Your first step should be to remove unwanted hair from the Revlon paddle brush hair dryer. If you are lazy and cannot remove hair strands from the brush after brushing, these hair strands get stuck in the bristles, and if they build up continuously, they cover the whole brush pad. So, what’s your first priority should be, is to clean them up. Use your hand to clean them carefully without pulling the brush pad. You can also use a hairpin if you have trouble completing the cleaning process.
  2. The use of a q-tip technique is beneficial. Take a cotton swab and dip it into rubbing alcohol to clean the brush, especially between the bristles. Cotton swabs are small, thus easy to move and clean each bristle and the area around it in a better way. Moreover, rubbing alcohol soaks all dirt and bacteria from the brush. Another great thing is that it evaporates faster than water due to its low boiling point. In this technique, the liquid won’t flow through electrical components. Saturate the cotton swab with alcohol again and rub it on the brush pad. Keep in mind the fluid must be enough in a cotton swab; otherwise, it didn’t work.
  3. After the q tip process completion, some dirt and debris will still remain in the dryer, so it’s time to scrub the brush pad and bristles again with 10 ml of alcohol and dip an old toothbrush in it for further cleaning. Clean your brush by removing dandruff and unwanted particles. The use of an old toothbrush gives better results than the previous step.
  4. The external body is equally important to clean as bristles and pads to maintain its entire body look. So, use cleaning wipes to wipe the back parts of the brush, its handle parts, and sides. Remember that wipes should not be too saturated as it causes electrocution. Squeeze extra water from wipes to save it from electrocution.

How to clean Revlon hair dryer brush filter

I got stuck when someone asked me how to clean Revlon hot air brush filter. Some people think it is easy, while others believe it is the most challenging thing.

Firstly I want to clarify that it’s not possible to clean the filter of every brush; some offer you this opportunity. So, you just need to uncover the filter part, remove the hair strands and residue with your hand, and then use a small vacuum cleaner to clean it.

However, in other products, you can’t clean the filter; you can only replace it by using tools, which surely need professional assistance.

Precautions: How To Clean Revlon Brush Dryer

You must take some precautions while using the machine to ensure that your tress becomes healthy and that your dryer is in perfect condition. You can call it the most crucial step in answer to the question: how to clean Revlon hair brush? 

  • Be careful while cleaning your machine and follow the procedure because one little mistake will spoil it.
  • Unplug the machine before cleaning it to be safe from any damage or electric shock.
  • Please keep it in a safe and clean place and try to cover it, thus minimizing exposure to dust.
  • If you want to sanitize it, it is preferred to use rubbing alcohol for it.
  • Try to clean the machine twice or thrice a month for long-term use and durability.
  • Don’t try to cut bristles with your scissors because they are sharp at the end and are harmful to your scalp.
  • Don’t use the machine when it is dirty; it will also damage the machine and your locks.
  • A harsh cleaning agent is harmful if we try to clean the brush with it, so don’t use any.
  • Don’t apply sticky hair products to your tress because your machine gets dirty prematurely and, in return, transfers the built-up product to your locks.
  • Don’t dip the full dryer brush in water because it causes damage to the motor and makes the unit unusable.

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Frequently Ask Questions FAQs

Why isn’t my Revlon brush heating up?

There are multiple reasons, but the main reason is your hair is stuck in the filter or brush lost its continuity because of some broken or damaged part, and sometimes thermal cutoff may be the reason.

Is it safe to clean a Revlon hair dryer brush?

If you are using the proper way described in the article, congratulations, you can safely clean your Revlon brush hair dryer; however, keep in mind precautions to be safe.

Why is my Revlon hair dryer brush not working?

The problem may be with the chord or plug; sometimes, the reason is thermal cutout and issues with switches, motors, and heating elements.

Does Revlon brush dryer damage hair?

It is a fantastic tool, but if you try to fully dry the sopping wet hair or style them at a high temperature, this product may damage your hair. So, precautions are necessary.

Why does my Revlon brush smell like it’s burning?

When your Revlon brush smells like burning, it means that the lint filter is blocked, and it is time to clean the filter.

Is Revlon product centric?

Yes, In 2017, Revlon became part of the brand-centric structure or strategy for their products in addition to Fragrances, Elizabeth Arden, and Portfolio Brands.


So have you understood all the points related to how to clean Revlon hair dryer brush? After reading this article, I hope you come to know that though it seems easier and effortless, ignoring it might affect the tresses badly. Hence, it is very much conclusive that you have to take care of the Revlon hair brush dryer for its proper use and work.

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